Thor Halvorssen And The Human Rights Foundation, Making The World A Better Place

Thor Halvorssen is a human rights advocate and film producer. He was once described as “a champion of the underdog and the powerless,” by the New York Times. He founded the Human Rights Foundation based in New York. This foundation is dedicated to liberating political prisoners and ensuring civil and political rights for everyone around the world. Since it’s inception, the Human Rights Foundation secured the release of seven political prisoners, worked with Truth Commissions to provide evidence, published two books on individual rights and state responsibilities, and submitted amicus briefs for international cases involving human rights.

Thor Halvorssen was drawn to human rights issues as a young man partially due to the fact that his own father was a political prisoner in Venezuela. He founded the Human Rights Foundation in 2005 and has since dedicated his life to preserve freedoms for all humans, as he believes this is what humans are entitles to. The foundation has hosted a number of events and conferences to have their message heard and shared. These include Hack North Korea, which was held in 2014, the goal was to gain ideas about how to best gather information from North Korea; College Freedom Forum, which is a series of single day events aimed at educating students about individual rights and democracy throughout the world; Oslo Freedom Forum, an annual event to bring together democracy and human rights activists to share their stories and express their views; and U.N. Human Rights Council Member Elections, held in November of 2012 and 2013 to raise awareness of corruption with in the elections of this group. Through these and other events, human rights awareness has increased and the door for improvements has been opened.

The Human Rights Foundation is a non-profit organization that accepts donations to help further their cause. The foundation is supported by many celeberties and business leaders. The foundation does list names of their donors, unless the donor request this information to be kept private. For more information please visit

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