Pardon the Norm with Pink Lime Crime Velvetines


At this point in time, it is safe to say that Lime Crime is one of the greatest cosmetic lines ever. Their ability to take risks by manufacturing some of the wackiest shades is admirable and much appreciated by those who have waited too long for something different. Lime Crime is proving to be timeless due to their production of so many contrasting colors, a reality that is exciting for avid fans. I adore Lime Crime and their lipsticks, specifically those that are pleasantly pink. Ask any girl if they like pink and they might say no, but it is safe to say that they might enjoy something that is at least a little pink, right? Whatever the case may be, Celia Leslie made a video depicting the Lime Crime velvetines line and I fell instantly in love with all things pink! Like anything, though, I would spotlight the shades with the appropriate outfits.

Pink Velvet

Much like red velvet, this color is the deepest shade of pink. Given that it is so true to its intended color, I would make certain that credit was given to that by wearing a neutral outfit free from pinks, purples, or reds. With black leggings, I would wear a plain black or white shirt, a contrasting scarf, and black boots. I would wear simple black liner and mascara to make certain that my lips were looked at before anything else.

True Love

Though I am partial to Wicked in the velvetine line on Doll’s Kill, my second favorite is this one. It is incredibly rich, so I would pair it with an entirely bold, black outfit. Leather would make this color really stand out, so do not forget your favorite leather jacket. I would wear false lashes to really allow this color to match the edgy statement I’m trying to make by wearing it.


This salmon inspired shade would be perfect with a sweet, flowy dress, which is exactly what I would wear it with. If the weather proved to be too cold for that, I would wear light wash jeans and a white t-shirt. I would keep my makeup soft by only wearing mascara and perhaps some pink blush.

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