Appreciating The Contribution Of Eric Pulier To The World Of Entrepreneurship

As a leading entrepreneur, Eric Pulier has come up with solutions that will see young entrepreneurs get a better avenue to express their ideas and nurture their talents. He is among few professionals who have invested in venture capitalism with the sole aim to nurture talents in business and to help aspiring entrepreneurs come up with solutions to problems across the world.

Eric Pulier has also invested in philanthropy and the skills he has in technology have been effective in offering solutions to pressing issues ailing different people. For example, he designed a communication system that allows those battling Multiple Sclerosis to have a better understanding of their condition. Eric has also offered a database where children with chronic illnesses can connect with the world and feel better about themselves.

Pursuit of knowledge and research

To get an understanding of the different fields of business, Eric Pulier started researching as early as fourth grade. It is at this time that the passion for programming struck him and he joined other students in learning about the subject. Before he joined high school, Pulier had perfected his skills in the art and he launched a database company.

His motivation to become a technologist did not end when he joined high school. He only further focused on building a foundation that would see him fully tackle the field. He joined the MIT College in 1984 and at the same time enrolled at the Harvard University. At the MIT, the picked Computer Science and was eager to learn about different languages and technology in general.

While at Harvard doing American Literature and English, he was given a column at the Harvard Crimson, a weekly publication. On his column, Eric offered solutions to young entrepreneurs and he reviewed current technology and emerging issues in business.

Literary works

Also in the list of tools that Eric Pulier used to communicate with upcoming entrepreneurs is writing articles and books. He authored several journals that are aimed at offering solutions to entrepreneurs to help them understand the business world better. His publication,Understanding Enterprise SOA, offers solutions to business people by allowing them to know what technology can do to make their businesses better.

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